My Videos

After this unsettling COVID period, I aim to provide videos full of optimism and motivation! Here is a series of Youtube videos where I interview people who inspire me so much in my daily life: top athletes.


What better advice to receive than that of top athletes who train every day to overcome difficulties and to develop their physical and mental strength!


Whether for work, for sport, or for your own personal life, you will find precious guidelines in these videos. I hope you will learn as much as I do!

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Project Presentation: from Intensive Care to Mount Everest

My project combines two passions: medicine and sport. I talk about my experiences in Covid Intensive Care and why I wish to attempt Mount Everest and support medical research in Hepatitis B.

French version: Mon Projet 

This is my project, French version with English subtitles.

Medical Research: Professor ZOULIM Eliminating Hepatitis B 

Here is an interview with Professor ZOULIM, director of the INSERM 1052 medical research unit that I'm supporting through my fund-raising. This internationally renowned unit is specialized in hepatic virology and more specifically in hepatitis B. Professor Zoulim explains the challenges of hepatitis B today, the new therapeutic strategies and the future discoveries to be expected.

Video 1: Samuel PIERRECLAUD: staying consistent 

How to remain consistent in a physical effort and over time? Here is an exceptional triathlete, Samuel Pierreclaud. He has had a career in the French national team for over 17 years, has traveled the world and has performed countless competitions. Here, he draws on his experience to share his advice on how to succeed in endurance.

Video 2: Cedric FLEURETON: staying multi-skilled, adapting

A masters in Biology, a career in the French national triathlon team, an entrepreneur, a renowned ultra-trailer... this year Cedric is completing a sports "ultra" challenge racing 8 of the most difficult ultra-legendary races across the world in 7 different sports. Here is Cedric Fleureton, 46 years old, a unique sportsman who explains to us how his versatility plays in his favor.

Video 3: Carole CASTELLANI: being prepared for the unknown

Curious about all sports in particular gymnastics, swimming and winter sports, Carole became part of the Lou Rugby women's team before she discovered Crossfit in 2014. In 2019 she became the French champion and participated in the Games in the US, the most prestigious Crossfit event in the world. She shares her passion for Crossfit and her thrilling experiences.

Video 4: Anaëlle ANGERVILLE: waking up the warrior inside

Since her childhood, Anaëlle practices many sports, including football, before starting Thai boxing at 21 years old.  She very quickly fought and joined the French National team. Anaëlle holds a phenomenal number of victories including several times the title of French champion and World Champion. She shares with us her philosophy of sport.

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Video 5: Franck SOLFOROSI: combining individual and group work

At the age of 20, Franck joined the French National rowing team where he became world champion in men's lightweight 8. In 2008, he won the 4th place at the Beijing Olympics in lightweight coxless four. It took him 8 years to overcome setbacks before winning the bronze medal at the Rio Olympics in 2016. He shares with us his advice on how to combine individual performance and group work.

Video 6: Julien TONIUTTI: staying focused in the face of danger 

Passionnate about motobikes since his childhood, Julien started racing at the age of 27. He was five times French Champion, raced three times the mythical and dangerous Tourist Trophy, and became the fastest French racer on the TT in 2018. He also competed in the Dakar race in 2018. He shares his thrilling experiences in the face of danger.